Robotiq’s Hand-E Gripper offers a simple and reliable solution for precision assembly tasks in manufacturing environments. Its high accuracy and 50 mm parallel stroke make it suitable for various applications, and its sealed design ensures durability in tough conditions such as CNC machining.

One of the most significant advantages of Hand-E Gripper is its easy integration with production environments, requiring no prior robotics experience. Its design adheres to ISO/TS 15066 standard best practices, making it the ideal gripper for collaborative robots. With rounded edges, self-locking functionalities, and maximum force features, Hand-E Gripper offers safety and security during operation.

The installation of Hand-E Gripper is simple, requiring only a few minutes with the help of Plug + Play gripper kits. The intuitive software interface allows for direct programming on the robot’s touchscreen, making it user-friendly for workers of all skill levels.