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Cobots make robotics accessible to all industry types, giving you a helping hand. They collaborate and automate, are intuitive, adaptable, mobile and lean. Cobots boost creativity, improve product quality and provide greater job satisfaction

Cost-effective – Safe – Compliant

Cost-effective, fast ROI, flexible, safe, compliant and easy-to-use, Cobots will increase your competitiveness. Cobots excel at repetitive, precise tasks, freeing your valuable resources to take on more rewarding roles

Sales – Analysis – Support provides full support and analysis to match your unique and specific needs and is the ONLY source you will ever want to meet all your collaborative manufacturing and applications requirements

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The examples below show how you can use a Cobot to automate your industry.
Keep food and ingredient wastage to a minimum with the e-Series, which works around the clock with precision and minimal errors
Let the e-Series take over the labour-intensive tasks on your furniture and equipment production line. On top of relieving workers of physical burdens, the e-Series also improves the fit and finish of your products by raising levels of precision and consistency in production.
The tech industry is a fast moving one with products constantly evolving to meet new needs. Keep up with the changes on your production line with a take on new tasks involving sensitive and dangerous machinery.
Multiple processes and specialised products – these common characteristics of the metal and machining industry pose no deterrence to the e-Series. The cobots are well-equipped to work with accuracy and efficiency to enhance production.
From laser-cutting rigs to engine foundries, automate almost any stage in your automotive production line with the highly versatile e-Series. Our cobots can be seamlessly integrated into existing production lines to take over critical and precision tasks while maintaining production quality.
With materials requiring different processing and temperature ranges, flexibility is crucial on the plastic and polymers production line. The highly agile e-Series can be used across all areas of plastic and polymer production to meet changing demands, extending production capabilities.
Designed to meet the healthcare industry’s specifications for accuracy, precision and hygiene, the e-Series takes on mundane tasks like product dispensing and sorting with minimal error. The risk of human contamination in highly delicate tasks can also be reduced by deploying the e-Series in environments which require sterile handling.
Accuracy and repeatability make the e-Series optimal for scientific research and analysis, where objective information gathering is crucial. The highly affordable cobots serve as valuable tools for teaching and development of innovative solutions at an increasing number of research institutes and universities.
Every industry has its own unique challenges, but there is no industry that we cannot provide the answer for either directly or through one of our trusted integrator partners.

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