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 We believe in empowering companies and employees to improve their workplace processes with our Universal Robots training courses. Our courses are aimed at providing you with the knowledge you need to optimize your manufacturing tasks. On completion of our UR Training Courses you will be able to operate your cobot with confidence.

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UR Core Training and UR Advanced Training


Our Certified Universal Robots Training facilitators will show you how you can increase productivity with minimal cost by maximizing the potential of your UR Cobot. Our goal is simply to empower you to make the best use of your collaborative robot.

As a Universal Robot Training Partner, we offer you the opportunity of hands on practice in real-life applications. Our trainers will take you through the carefully designed training modules covering basic and advanced programming skills, cobot scripting, industrial communication and interface usage.

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Core Training Programme

This is a 2 day introduction to the UR platform. The course takes delegates through typical workflow of a project and presents the fundamental concepts of the product including:

  • Manage the robot safely understanding safety concepts

  • Build and optimize programs for several typical applications

  • Connect and handle peripheral equipment, such as sensors, grippers or conveyor belts

  • Know the online tools and resources available to help with application programming

Training is held in our training room in our Centre of Excellence in Cork.

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Advanced Training Programme

This programme is designed to deal with specific topics around your production process and help you move to the next stage of how you use the Universal Robot. Key takeaways and learnings from the advanced training include:

  • Create and structure your programs in a professional manner

  • In-depth knowledge of functions in UR User Interface

  • URScript programming language

  • Work with variable positions and multiple TCPs

  • Referencing and shift positions on different coordinate systems for e.g. artificial vision applications

  • Track and coordinate the movement of the robot with conveyor belts

  • Use the integrated force/torque sensor for developing complex applications using the force feedback

Training is held in our training room in our Centre of Excellence in Cork.