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Asyril are the experts when it comes to flexible feeding systems.  Undeniably, their expertise and know-how in vibration technology, vision, artificial intelligence, and robotics enable them to provide flexible and scalable part feeding systems for parts and components from 0.1 to 150 mm in size.

Their patented 3-axis vibration technology and smart control system EYE+ can be easily integrated into your automation machines.  Increasing flexibility, speed and precision,  this technology enables parts to be moved in all directions.  It eliminates the accumulation of parts in one corner or on the edge of the feeder. Furthermore, it eliminates the recirculation of parts as well as handling delicate parts smoothly thanks to the precise adjustment of the frequency and amplitude. The Asycube series is designed for a perfect distribution of all types of parts, including parts with complex geometrics to very delicate parts.

asyril global feeding system

The Asycube’s gentle and precise vibrations separate and orientate bulk parts for robot picking. The EYE+ smart control system locates the parts using vision and transmits pick coordinates to the robot. It also manages the hopper and Asycube by performing the most efficient vibration sequences for optimal distribution of parts on the platform as well as managing their location and orientation. Feeding, orientation and sorting of bulk components are key elements in the process of automated assembly. Asyril stands out from the crowd in terms of innovation and operational excellence offering simple, efficient and easy-to-integrate solutions, with the aim of enabling customers to optimize their lead times, reduce their costs and thus gain in competitiveness.

Their innovative mindset helps them continuously prepare for the next generation of automation challenges.

Industies where Asyril solutions  are commonly use include:

  • Automotive
  • Consumer goods
  • Medical and life sciences
  • Electronic and semiconductors
  • Watch industry and jewellery