The Smooth Robotics Smooth Tool Cobot Welding Kit, is tailored for seamless integration with Universal Robots, the renowned collaborative robot (cobot) brand extensively utilized in manufacturing. An innovative welding package that revolutionizes welding through robotic precision.

SmoothTool, a meticulously crafted robotic welding kit designed to simplify and elevate welding tasks. This all-inclusive package transforms the welding experience into a hassle-free endeavor, boasting an effortless plug-and-play setup. Whether you’re wielding with a Kemppi or Fronius, the SmoothTool seamlessly integrates with these leading welding systems, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance.

The hallmark feature of the SmoothTool is its ingeniously engineered Programming Flange. Within this innovation resides the “freedrive” mode – an ingenious functionality that empowers users to guide the welding torch in a fluid, intuitive motion. This liberating mode expedites welding tasks with precision and dexterity, resulting in flawlessness that’s consistently replicated.

The SmoothTool isn’t solely confined to the realm of freedrive brilliance. It shines as a masterful tool for various welding techniques, from weaving patterns and offset items to meticulous stitch welding.

Step into the future of welding with the SmoothTool’s 3D visualization. This innovative feature provides a crystal-clear preview of the welding path, empowering users to validate the trajectory before embarking on the welding journey. The outcome: a masterpiece of the utmost quality, where welding precision is a given.