SmoothTool is a plug and play robotic welding kit from Smooth Robotics designed for all kinds of welding tasks. With SmoothTool, you can put your welding robot to work without the need for complex programming and deliver a flawless result every time. Using the SmoothTool Programming Flange you can use the ‘freedrive’ (freehand) mode to show your robot how you want the job done, making this process a lot easier and faster.

SmoothTool is specifically developed to be used with Universal Robots to optimize the cobot welding experience. The program structure ensures high flexibility, it is very easy to add weaving patterns, offset items, or stitch weld. The software is compatible with both CB and e-Series and all features work for both robot types. Furthermore, the SmoothTool has a 3D visualization of the actual path, so you can easily verify your welding path before welding.