The Changing Landscape of Logistics

The logistics industry plays a crucial role in global trade, facilitating the movement of goods between suppliers, manufacturers, and consumers. However, recent trends indicate a shift in factory in-house logistics:

  • With the cost of utilities and rent, space utilization has become paramount. By designing an efficient layout which can facilitate automated storage solutions, productivity can be boosted by make the most of available space.
  • Safety using a properly signposted facility is not enough anymore. Everyday there are accidents with forklifts. Manual forklift drivers unfortunately can be prone to errors made by humans. Sensors in AMR’s will force stop if they detect if there is a person near it, therefore elevating safety in the area.


What are Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)?
AMRs, short for Autonomous Mobile Robots, are intelligent robotic systems designed to operate independently within a warehouse or distribution center. These robots can understand commands, navigate through different work environments, and perform material movement tasks without direct human control.

DS100-200E Floor

ROEQ DS100/200E Floor Docking Station partners:

  • MiR (Mobile industrial Robots) offer various size’s AMR’s.
  • ROEQ offer various attachment to make your mobile robot fit for purpose, like forks, carts and trolleys.
  • Enabled Robotics offer a system which merges the flexibility of a robot arm with the mobility of an autonomous robot.


Here are some specific examples of tasks that AMRs can handle:

Material Transport: AMRs are adept at transporting goods within a warehouse or distribution center. They can move items from one location to another, such as delivering raw materials on pallets to production lines or transporting finished products to storage areas. This eliminates the need for human workers to push carts or carry heavy loads.

Inventory Management: AMRs can conduct regular inventory checks by autonomously navigating through aisles and scanning barcodes or RFID tags on products and shelves. This reduces the time and effort required for manual inventory counts.

Order Picking: AMRs can assist in the order fulfillment process by autonomously navigating to the required shelves, picking items, and delivering them to a designated packing area. This significantly speeds up the order processing time.

Goods Replenishment: When stock levels run low on store shelves or production lines, AMRs can be programmed to replenish them by autonomously fetching items from the warehouse or storage area and restocking the shelves.

Quality Control Inspections: AMRs equipped with cameras and sensors can perform quality control inspections by autonomously moving along assembly lines or inspecting products for defects. This ensures product quality without the need for manual inspections.

Transporting Heavy Loads: AMRs with high load-carrying capacities can handle the transportation of heavy materials or equipment, reducing the risk of strain or injury to human workers.

Material Handling in Hazardous Environments: AMRs are well-suited for tasks in hazardous environments, such as handling chemicals or materials in areas with high temperatures or potential safety risks.

Data Collection: AMRs can be equipped with sensors to collect environmental data, monitor temperature, humidity, or other conditions, providing valuable insights for operational optimization. Barcodes, QR codes, or RFID tags can be used to label products. Proper item coding streamlines identification and location tracking within the warehouse.

These examples showcase how AMRs are versatile and can take on a variety of tasks, ultimately allowing human workers to focus on more strategic and creative aspects of their jobs. By automating these routine and repetitive tasks, businesses can improve efficiency, reduce errors, and enhance overall productivity in their warehouse and logistics operations.

Now is the time to explore how AMRs can enhance your logistics and warehouse operations!


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