Introducing the ER-FLEX, a cutting-edge innovation that merges the flexibility of a robot arm with the mobility of an autonomous robot. By seamlessly integrating advanced software for intelligent applications, this collaborative mobile robot propels you towards your automation objectives.

By incorporating the ER-FLEX add-on into your existing mobile robot, you can unlock the potential of a 24/7 on-demand delivery system. The ER-FLEX effectively assesses material requirements and takes prompt and suitable actions, empowering you to implement a streamlined inventory management system. Tailor your solution to meet your specific needs by selecting from a range of UR5e / UR10e / UR16e arms.

With the ER-FLEX, you can eliminate cluttered work areas and obstructed pathways for your workforce. By leveraging its capabilities, you create a more efficient and ergonomic work environment for your employees.

The ER-FLEX 250 series guarantees extended daily utilization time of up to 20 hours*, thanks to its optimized charging capabilities. This ensures maximum uptime and operational efficiency. Furthermore, the ER-FLEX impressively boasts a remarkable load-carrying capacity of up to 186 kg, allowing it to effortlessly handle larger loads.