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Collaborative Robot Applications


There are many collaborative robot applications in which Universal Robots are used. These include assembly, dispensing, finishing, machine tending, material handling, palletizing, quality inspections and more. Cobots are low-cost industrial robots that are safe to operate alongside humans. A major benefit of the Universal robot is that is it easy to use, quick to deploy and offers a high degree of flexibility meaning they can be deployed on a wide variety of tasks.

Our application solutions and kits are out of the box solutions that reduce deployment times even further and simplify installation. Together with cobots from Universal Robots, Our application solutions and kits give you everything you need to automate a process or task.  Allowing for a faster implementation it means you can be set up and ready to go in a matter of hours. Our application solutions and kits make the automation of tasks even more accessible and decrease project risk and complexity.

These cost-effective and flexible solutions redefine ease of use for automated platforms and simplify collaborative robot applications. Furthermore, they open new possibilities for automating tasks and offer flexible automation to manufacturers of all sizes. Designed to integrate seamlessly with the UR cobot, this gives the user control of all peripherals directly from the cobots own teach pendant.

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