Palletizing, the process of arranging and stacking products onto pallets for storage or transportation, is a labor-intensive task that demands precision and consistency. Traditionally, this has been done manually, this approach has its limitations. It’s time-consuming, prone to errors, and can lead to worker fatigue and injuries, all of which contribute to increased operational costs.

Simplicity meets flexibility with the Robotiq automated palletizing solution. Open the box, and the hardware and software are already connected. Plan your setup in just three steps, directly on the robot control device. It’s a simple, flexible, high-performance cobot solution. It’s small footprint means it will fit in easily to your existing floor plan. Robotiq offer two solutions, one software- the AX-series and the PE-series. Both share the same software to make your choice easier.

The AX-series:

  • Max pallet height is 2750mm
  • Fully integrated vertical axis
  • Tech pendant support

The PE-series:

  • Max pallet height is 1500mm
  • Manually adjustable pedestal
  • Tech pendant stand
  • Operator box

Included in the Palletizing Solution: Robot Base, Fully Integrated Vertical 7th Axis, AirPick, Bracket, Suction Cups, Status Lights, Pallet and Box Sensors, Cable Management System

Application Software; Material Handling Copilot