Today’s complex manufacturing processes can place your robotic equipment in damaging environments.  The Robosuit® is a protective cover for the full range of UR arms – the UR3, the UR5 and the UR10. Each cover is custom-manufactured to your specific application and need and will protect your UR robot from extremes in temperature, sharp metal turnings, cutting fluids and coolants, and particulate (grit, dust and debris).

Coverage can be extended to EOAT and grippers, controllers and even teach pendant protection.

A Robosuit® is a conformal fitting cover uniquely designed to protect your robot, while preserving its full range-of-motion. We offer over 18-different fabrics, aramids and laminates to suit your specific application.

Interlocking rings and cuffs ensure that your robot maintains its unique operating characteristics.

Suits are custom-designed and manufactured to meet your explicit needs (clean-room, fluid-resistant zippers, or simple hook-and-loop closures).