The EasyRobotics palletizer consists of a main console that has an inside compartment for storing the robot controller, cables, hosts, and either a lifting module or a pedestal. The system has extended “legs”, that can be expanded for use when working with larger cobots. On each side of the product there is a pallet docking system, that can measure the right position of the pallet and inform the nearest operator if the pallet is positioned wrong.

The EasyPalletizer Pro is entirely compatible with collaborative robots that have a payload capacity of up to 20 kilograms, such as the UR20 series.

  • The Palletizer Pro comes with installed plug-in Ethernet connector, which allows for monitoring and access through a third-party manufactured devices.
  • The Palletizer has four detecting pins on each pallet site, and these pins make sure that the pallets are docked correctly before beginning the palletizing process. Because of the functionality of the loading stability, as well as the safe functioning of the components’ stabling, both of these are assured.