Furniture & Equipment Assembly using a Cobot

Let a Cobot take over the labour intensive tasks on your furniture and equipment production line. The e-Series also improves the fit and finish of your products by raising levels of precision and consistency in production.

Universal Robots offer a wide array of benefits to the furniture and equipment industry, bringing about significant improvements in both quality and efficiency. Collaborative robot arms from Universal Robots are particularly noteworthy, as they deliver impressive precision and consistency, reducing the margin of error and enhancing the overall quality of fabricated products.

In furniture and equipment assembly, precise component placement, accurate screwing, and alignment are critical for producing high-quality products. Universal Robots excel in consistently performing these tasks with great accuracy, resulting in improved product quality and fewer errors. The flexible deployment of robot arms to produce individual products, such as small furniture parts, is essential for maintaining competitiveness in the market.

By incorporating robots for material handling, particularly in moving heavy furniture, physical burdens on workers can be alleviated. This not only leads to more consistent products but also enhances the fit and finish of the end products while boosting overall productivity.

Robots are proving to be versatile assets in the furniture industry, serving various functions such as bonding, placing, mixing, packaging, welding, palletizing, and more. Thanks to their precise measurement capabilities and accuracy in cutting and joining materials, robots are an ideal choice for these tasks.

Cost Effective

One of the significant advantages of Universal Robots over traditional industrial robots is their cost-effectiveness. With lower initial investment costs and less complex infrastructure requirements, they are particularly accessible to small and medium-sized manufacturers, allowing them to benefit from automation technology.

Furthermore, Universal Robots are known for their small footprint and lightweight design, making them easy to integrate into assembly lines and workstations with limited space. This mobility enables the robots to move between different assembly stations efficiently.

The introduction of Universal Robots into furniture and equipment assembly reduces the reliance on manual labour, leading to increased overall production efficiency and a decrease in the risk of injuries caused by repetitive motions.

Our Customers

Joinery’s and equipment manufacturers have benefited hugely from using Cobots in Ireland.

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