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Universal Robots Press Release: Cobots Roadshow

Join us, Cobots.ie and Universal Robots – last few spaces remain for Sligo and Dublin.  You are most welcome to come along – we are a friendly lot! 🙂

Official Press Release below:

25 March 2019: Universal Robots, the worldwide leading provider of collaborative robots (cobots) by units sold, has today announced its Irish UR+ Workshop Tour 2019. The nationwide UR+ Workshop Tour tour will see the company take its cobots on the road so that Irish manufacturers can get a first-hand appreciation an understanding for how they can transform the workplace. Kicking off on the 27th March in Sligo, Universal Robots will travel throughout the country bringing its cobots to the following locations the follow are the 4 events that Universal Robots and Cobots.ie will collaborate at:

• Dublin – March 28th

• Cork – October 24th

Attendees will get hands-on experience with the collaborative robots and have the opportunity to see how flexible, versatile and user-friendly they are. In addition, attendees will hear from industry experts about how collaborative robots offer businesses the opportunity to best optimise production efficiency.

Samantha Cummins-Byrne, Irish Sales Development Manager at Universal Robots said: “As conversation around cobots and automation develops, we at Universal Robots felt it incredibly important to give the Irish workforce the opportunity to experience our cobots and UR+ partners and see first-hand how they can complement the human workforce. Cobots are easy to program with no programming expertise needed for set up. Often. It’s a case of plug-in and operate via a a tablet or by adjusting the cobot’s arms.

“Unlike traditional industrial robots that take can weeks to be operational, a cobots can be part of the workforce in just a couple of hours. As Cobots sense obstacles and adjust speed and movement in response, they can be completely mobile and don’t require safety cages to keep your human workforce safe. While still a very new concept in Ireland, the addition of cobots across our other territories, details that cobots can improve efficiencies and lower costs – good news when we consider the rising costs of labour. Cobots have the potential to mitigate dangerous tasks from humans when humans and cobots are working together allowing humans to focus on innovation. Our cobots are incredibly intuitive, versatile and user-friendly, and as they can be handled by existing employees with minimal training, they slot into existing operations with very little effort.”

“In 2018, Universal Robots experienced revenue of $234 million signaling the impact cobots are making across the world. Our Irish distributor, Reliance, recently opened a new facility in Limerick following a €500,000 investment and increased demand detailing that 2019 will transform Ireland’s relationship with automation. Our events will demonstrate that automation can enhance any business, including local small and medium sized business, not just large corporations with expert robotic engineers. Each event on the tour will be interactive with participants having the chance to engage with cobots to fully experience how they would be programmed and how automation can become an integral function of modern workflows.”

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