successsful day

Successsful Day at the Manufacturing & Supply Chain Expo

Such a great day at the Irish Manufacturing Expo on Thursday 17th Jan, 2019. Thanks so much to everyone who dropped by & said hello.

We so hope you liked our demos & our stand. Our team was large on the day and it was needed, it was a busy stand.  We had 6 of our Cobots helping us and attracting the crowds, it was a busy and fun day!  Many thanks to Samantha Cummins-Byrne and David Lievesley of Universal Robot and Natalie Garland-Cooke (Natalie Cooke Consulting) for their support today, also to Jørn Bak Hansen from OnRobot & to Peter Soetens  of PickIt for their excellent technical support & know-how. Delighted you were there with us, not to mention John, Dan, Martin, Danny & Craig from the home team.

A very special thank you to Per Kloster Poulsen, NE Sales Director of Universal Robots, for officially launching

Exciting times ahead!