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VGC10 Vacuum Gripper

Smaller and lighter than its predecessor the VG10, the VGC10 has unlimited customization possibilities and does not compromise on payload. This compact gripper is perfectly suited for constrained environments and smaller robot arms extending your automation opportunities and offering an impressive maximum 15kg payload.

THE VGC10 can easily lift small, odd shaped and heavy objects even with a smaller robot arm.

It has two individual vacuum channels that can simultaneously use different suction powers and lost grip detection increasing production efficiency and reducing cycle time. The gripper can also be used with a single air channel. The VGC10 is IP54 rated to operate in harsh conditions. It seamlessly integrates with the Universal Robot.

  • Payload 15 kg (35 lb)
  • Compact, lightweight, and powerful
  • Configurable suction cups
  • Unlimited customization
  • Independent air channels for dual gripping
  • Integrated software
  • Built-in electric vacuum
  • Machine Tending
  • Packaging and Palletizing
  • Pick & Place