The ROEQ TR125 Manual Roller Module is a specialized add-on for the MiR100/250 autonomous mobile robot that is designed to enable the robot to perform pick-up and delivery tasks between stationary conveyor stations. The top roller of the module can be manually adjusted to match the height of the conveyor, allowing for easy and efficient transfer of items.

The ROEQ Assist software included with the module provides setup tools that simplify the process of integrating the module with the MiR robot. The software allows for the creation of missions, which define the specific tasks that the robot will perform. With the help of this software, users can quickly configure the robot and the module to perform the desired tasks.

The Manual Roller Module is a useful tool for automating material handling tasks in manufacturing, logistics, and other industries. Its compatibility with the MiR100/250 robot and the included ROEQ Assist software make it a user-friendly solution for businesses looking to improve their efficiency and productivity.