Introducing the TMC300, the ultimate cart solution for your logistics needs. Designed to be used with the MiR100 or MiR250 robotic platforms and the ROEQ top module, the TMC300 makes it easy to move the Cart300 between logistic key points. With this complete cart solution, you can increase the flexibility, payload, capacity, and efficiency of your AMRs.

The patented locking mechanism ensures that the cart locks securely to the top module and docking station, providing a safe and stable transport solution. The TMC300 is also designed to work seamlessly with the “Easy-Pull-Out” docking system, giving you the confidence that the system managing your robot fleet knows exactly where the carts and racks are at all times.

Whether you need to transport goods within a warehouse, manufacturing facility, or any other logistics environment, the TMC300 is the ideal solution for you. With its robust design, efficient operation, and easy-to-use features, it is sure to become an indispensable part of your logistics operation.