The Pneumatic Manifold is an optional tool attached on the SmartShift Tool holder when air is needed in vacuum applications, and the application requires the air to be routed out on the sides of the Tool. Works at high speed with precision, with the range of five hundredth of a millimeter in all directions and angles. Handling payload is 50 kg.

  • Universally compatible
  • Modular system
  • Collaborative application

The SmartShift Manifold is the unit needed when you want SmartShift tools to operate as Pneumatic pass-through tools. The SmartShift Manifold directs the air from the air that is passed through the Tool Holder and directs the air out on the sides of the Manifold. The Manifold fits directly on to the Tool Holder and is mounted under the Tool holder, between the Tool Holder and your preferred tool of choice.