The SmartShift automatic tool changer is an ideal solution for work processes and use cases that require frequent, automatic, and reliable changes. The SmartShift automatic tool changer is compatible with all major cobot brands and offers an easy entry into multi-gripper automation solutions.

  • Universally compatible
  • Modular system
  • Collaborative application

The automatic tool changer enables mechanical, pneumatic, and optionally also electric connection. It includes tool pockets with the possibility to exchange tools seamlessly and work on multiple tasks without stopping.

The automatic tool changer is the most popular SmartShift set. It provides automatic and pneumatic connection. With this tool changer, it is easy to change tools autonomous and also giving you the option to upgrade to an electrical connection.

To get the upgrade for the electrical solution, the SmartShift cable electric connector M8 is needed. The automatic tool changer consists of one robot master, two tool holders, and two tool pockets.