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Robotiq Wrist Camera

The Robotiq Wrist Camera is an easy to use vision hardware and software which seamlessly integrates with Universal Robots.
Improve efficiency with this powerful tool which adapts quickly to workplace and task changeovers.
It has the capability to locate different parts in structured or unstructured environments and offers barcode and 2D code reading.

How it works?

The wrist camera’s plug + play component allows the user to automate picking and placing tasks in any environment.
It can be set up in a matter of minutes and you don’t need experience in robotics or vision systems to use it.

This impressive camera can locate, teach and pick objects faster reducing production time and increasing efficiency.


Features and Benefits

  • Easy to Use suitable for both expert and novice integrators
  • Seamless integration with the Universal Robot
  • Software that runs directly on the teach pendant
  • Locate many parts in a single snapshot
  • Multi-Object Part Location: Accelerate Cycle Time
  • Customisable Colour Validation: Ensure Consistent Object Detection
  • Simple Teaching Method: Highlight Only the Features You Wish to Keep
  • Automatic and manual adjustment of lighting, focus, exposition, and more.
  • Add traceability to your assembly line with the barcode and 2D code reading function
  • Assembly
  • Machine Tending
  • Pick & Place
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