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Robotiq Sanding Kit

Robotiq’s sanding kit provides the only hardware and software all-in-one solution available for the Universal Robots UR+ product range.

How does it work?

The sanding kit includes a Dynabrade Dynorbital sander, a tool plate that allows you to easily install the sanding tool on the robot’s tool flange.

The URCap makes programming different sanding toolpaths a straightforward task. Providing everything you need to be able to automate a sanding application; this product was clearly designed for the novice end-user with little or no experience in robotic programming.


Features and Benefits

Quick and easy to install hardware and software

Reduces programming time from hours to minutes

An all-in -one hardware and software solution for Universal Robots

URCap easy to use and intuitive to program

Functionality to allow the user to modify the tool speed, overlap and force applied without having to reprogram

Sanding tool has a vacuum outlet that allows you to connect a central vacuum system to remove the wood particles from the air during the sanding process.

Increases quality and productivity

Reduces worker injuries.

  • Sanding
  • UR3e
  • UR5e
  • UR10e
  • UR16e
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