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Robotiq CNC Machine Tending Kit

Accelerate the implementation of machine tending jobs with Robotiq’s latest optimised kit of CNC machine tending applications.

How does it work?

Robotiq use their best combination of off-the-shelf components providing for a robust machine tending solution and enabling quicker production times than ever before.

It also comes with a fingertip starter kit and conversion kit to help mount your custom fingers on Hand-E grippers as well as fingertip extenders for larger parts.


Features and Benefits

Dual Hand-E grippers with an angled bracket (90⁰)

Fingertip starter kit, including fingertip extenders

Machine Tending Copilot Software, including Force Copilot and Contact Offset

Robotiq Wrist Camera (optional), including option to “Process one at a time”, scan node option and the new Visual Offset function)

eLearning course on how best to use your kit

  • Machine Tending
  • UR3
  • UR3e
  • UR5
  • UR5e
  • UR10
  • UR10e
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