Robotiq uses its best off-the-shelf components to form an optimized kit for CNC machine-tending applications. Increase your production hours and reduce downtime with an easy-to-use solution that does the work for you.

What’s Included?

  • Quick Start Guide
  • Dual Hand-E – Two Hand-E, 90 degree dual bracket, Coupling to install on UR robot, Fingertip Kit, Connection Protector kit, USB Stick, Necessary hardware
  • Machine Tending Copilot – Machine Tending Copilot Software License Dongle, Axis Stickers for Universal Robots, Digital Surface Pen, Wrist Camera
  • Wrist Camera – Calibration Board, High-Flex Pigtail Cable (10 m), USB Hub, License Dongle, USB Stick, Necessary Hardware
  • License Type: One-time purchase which includes the URCap software and updates.