robobrain® is the brain, that gives industrial robots human intelligence and unites Artificial Intelligence, vision and smart skills.

With robobrain®, robots gain a level of intelligence that transcends previous limitations. Gone are the days of tedious and time-consuming learning processes; robobrain® combined with the 3D camera robobrain.eye and suitable AI skills empowers robots with the ability to learn and adapt swiftly. Revolutionizing automation in the most efficient manner possible tasks such are order picking are no longer tedious tasks.

One of the standout features of robobrain® is its unparalleled ease of implementation. With robobrain®, you can effortlessly set up automation tasks, significantly reducing deployment time and lowering the barriers to entry for robot integration.

The universal compatibility of robobrain® sets it apart from traditional control platforms. You are not locked into a specific manufacturer’s ecosystem – robobrain® operates independently, making it compatible with a vast array of robotic systems. Whether you’re working with robots from different manufacturers or integrating new robots into your existing setup, robobrain® seamlessly adapts to the diversity of your robotics fleet.