The RG6 – 6kg payload 2 fingered robot arm gripper is a flexible collaborative gripper with built-in Quick Changer, up to 160mm stroke. The newly designed RG6 gripper is a more robust and effective solution with an even stronger motor and the cable being supported through the Quick Changer. This eliminates the need to connect and disconnect when it’s time to change tools. These flexible grippers can be used with a wide range of part sizes and shapes. It provides fast deployment, easy customization, and programming and is designed for a seamless integration with the Universal Robot.

Changing the grippers orientation is made much easier with the new bracket and it still has the same range of motions and positions it always had. It works seamlessly with OnRobot’s Dual Quick Changer allowing for the use of two grippers at the same time and allowing for an increase in production by approximately 50%. This flexible all-around gripper can help you broaden the scope of applications you can automate, from machine tending and pick & place to assembly and packaging & palletizing.