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Pendant Armor® for e-Series

Pendant Armor® is a simple, yet highly effective silicone-free rubber frame which protects the teach pendant if it is accidentally dropped.

The 1-piece SantopreneTM energy-absorbing frame stretches over the top of the UR teach pendant without the need to remove pendant cabling.

Optional touch-sensitive screen protectors are also available. Manufactured from optical-grade TPU, these are shipped pre-cut to your exact screen size, and are guaranteed to perform with your touch screen.

How does it work?

Pendant Armor® is akin to a cell phone case, only for your UR teach pendant. Moulded from 6mm SantopreneTM rubber, this energy-absorbing frame dissipates the shock from inadvertent falls/drops SantopreneTM is a durable, chemically-resistant elastomer commonly specified in industrial applications.


The bumper protects those areas of the teach pendant most prone to damage when dropped.
A moulded ridge protects the E-Stop button.
Access to the USB slot is preserved.
Feet are moulded into the back of the bumper to keep the pendant free from work-surface contamination (coolants, debris or chemicals) and to provide an ergonomic viewing angle for the screen.

32cm x 25cm x 6cm

  • Assembly
  • CNC
  • Gluing, dispensing, and Welding
  • Machine Tending
  • Packaging and Palletizing
  • UR3e
  • UR5e
  • UR10e
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