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MiR Fleet Software

Optimize your internal transportation with a fleet of MiR  (Mobile Industrial Robot) robots and easy, centralized, web-based configuration. Eliminate bottlenecks and downtime with 24/7 mobile robot operation throughout your facility.

Centralized control of robots

MiRFleet offers centralized control of robots from a single station, throughout all your facility, thanks to an intuitive web-based interface.

Easy programming of the robots for different operations

It is easy to program and control a robot fleet, including robots with different top modules, Hooks or other accessories. Once the programming phase is over, the system manages the priorities and selects the most suitable robot to the operation that needs to be carried out, based on position and availability.

Updates via SMS or e-mail

E-mail notifications keep you updated about obstacles or other possible unforeseen events that may prevent the robot from carrying out a task.

  • Offers intuitive programming and monitoring via web interface
  • Assigns priorities and coordinates orders to multiple robots
  • Supports differentiated access levels for users
  • Establishes battery levels for automatic recharging
  • Coordinates critical zones with multiple robot intersections

Designated use

Centralised control of a fleet of robots

Up to 100 robots

Order handling

Prioritisation and handling of orders among multiple robots

Battery level control

Monitoring of robot battery levels and automatic handling of recharging

Traffic control

Coordination of critical zones with multiple robot intersections


Two versions available

Linux PC

Comes as a physical PC box

Virtual Machine Image

For installation in existing server system

MiRFleet physical Linux PC

PC type: Intel® Maple Canyon NUC

CPU: Intel® Core i3-5010U (3MB cache, 2.1GHz base clock)

RAM: 8GB DDR3L-1600

SSD: 120GB 2.5”

Operating system: Linux Ubuntu 16.04

Network capabilities: 1 Gbit Ethernet, no wireless option

Required connections: 110 V or 230 V power socket and Ethernet network cable

Installation requirements: Must run on the same physical network as the robots

MiRFleet Virtual Machine Image

Image file size: 3 GB

Server requirements: Dual core processor with min, 2.1 GHz clock

RAM: Min. 4 GB (8 GB recommended)

HDD: 10 GB

Virtualization software: Oracle VirtualBox or VMware