The MiR pallet lift 500 allows you to optimise your internal logistics by automating the internal transportation of pallet and shelves. The MiR500 pallet lift autonomously picks up and delivers pallets of different sizes e.g., 40” X 48”. The MiR500 lift ensures stable handling and transport of 40”X48” pallets, shelves units and much more. It enables the MiR500 to lift pallets autonomously from the MiR500 pallet rack and lowers the pallet for stable transportation pf payloads up to 500kg.

  • Automate your internal transportation of 40”X48” pallets and other objects easily and cost-effectively
  • It can be deployed in different lift tasks
  • Extremely stable and safe transportation of 40”X48” pallets and other objects in highly dynamic environments
  • Optimizes your internal transportation of heavy loads and pallets and allows employees to focus on higher valued activities
  • Requires no change to existing facility