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Gecko Gripper

OnRobot’s innovative Gecko Gripper offers a market ready adhesive gripping solution. The technology used in this unique gripper for collaborative robots is inspired by the ability of geckos to climb by vanderwaal forces. The nature inspired OnRobot gecko technology makes it possible to attach and lift any kind of flat and smooth surfaces without compressed air or any external power. The use of easy gripping technology provides for a more efficient and cost-effective solution for Pick and Place applications.

  • Nature-inspired adhesive technology
  • Built-in proximity sensor
  • Unique technology for flat and smooth objects
  • No external air supply needed
  • Can detect whether a part is present
  • Objects with holes, like PCB can be handled easily
  • No-mark gripping
  • Payload upto 6.5kg
  • Machine Tending
  • Packaging and Palletizing
  • Pick & Place
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