The Aim Robotics FD 400 is an all-in-one dispensing system that is designed for collaborative robots. This plug-and-dispense electric dispenser is easy to use and is ideally suited for the delivery of medium viscosity fluids such as grease and silicone. The FD 400 is developed for use with 400ml cartridges, but can also accept traditional 310ml cartridges with an adapter. This flexibility makes it suitable for a range of applications.

One of the biggest advantages of the FD 400 is its ease of use. With just a single point of contact with the robot, which is an M8 connector, and without the need for compressed air, the FD 400 makes dispensing easy, predictable, and accurate. This ensures that the dispensing process is consistent and reliable.

The FD 400 is also fully integrated with the Universal Robot platform through an easy-to-use URCap and intuitive software interface. This makes it easy to control and monitor the dispensing process. The FD 400’s software interface is user-friendly and enables operators to set parameters such as flow rate, dispense time, and dispense volume.