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ER5 Max Mobility and Flexibility Robot Cell

Quick return on investment, less than 6 months.

Machine tending made very easy

Use our unique ER5 universal parts plate together with the UR+ cap called EASY+. Type in diameter and height of a part and amount of parts you wish to run, and the Universal

Robot starts tending

Includes a URCap plugin


The mobile cobot working station is ergonomic constructed to ensure that a person can easily move the ER5 to processing machines or seminars. This is advantageous for e.g. salespeople or course instructors.

ER5 is a solid, mobile and compact working station which is used for demonstration and presentation purposes, enhancing the collaboration between seminar participants and the production environment.

The ergonomic design of the ER5 facilitates that course instructors and salespeople can move the demonstration robot more easily.

ER5s mobility and compact size permits to conduct demonstrations of robots and cobots in the production environment of the customer.

Demonstration Purposes:

ER5 is a functional tool for demonstration purposes of cobots and robot arms and supports employee training which ensures that the collaboration with robots is learned.

In the context of demonstration and course situations, the ER5 can be moved to different production location. Thereby it can be examined where the effectiveness in production can be enhanced.

ER5 can be moved in a company vehicle and handled by one person

The ER5 series from EasyRobotics, is a series of mobile cobot platforms developed to maximize mobility and flexibility in robotic automation, The ER5 can be used for Universal Robots UR3 and UR5.

  • CNC
  • Gluing, dispensing, and Welding
  • Machine Tending
  • Packaging and Palletizing
  • Pick & Place
  • UR3
  • UR5
  • UR10
  • CB3.0
  • CB3.1
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