The EasyPalletiser is a compact palletizer, designed for the purpose of making palletizing easy and mobile inside a factory. EasyPalletiser can be equipped with robot arm from several manufactures as well as lifting module from SKF. The compact palletizer from EasyRobotics consists of a Europallet sized consoles consisting of compartment for: robot controller, cables, hosts and lifting module from SKF or pedestal.

The EasyPalletiser is designed for robust with 300kg of total weight without robot and lifer mounted. Each side of the product consists of a docking system for pallets that measure the placement of the pallets. EasyPalletiser is a platform for making palletizing effortless and smooth. It can be equipped with a robot arm that has various useful advantages for the packaging industry.

  • Increases the efficiency and quality of packaging at minimal operating costs
  • Makes the product more durable and reliable during and post-operation
  • Operations can be fully controlled by the operator
  • Provides an extensive range of working framework
  • Ensures safe movement of boxes
  • Fewer risks and work associated injuries
  • Helps in redirecting employees to other tasks