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Dual Gripper

Both the RG2 and the RG6 are available in a Dual Gripper configuration. This allows two grippers to be installed on the same robot arm, still without any additional cables. The two grippers work as independent grippers.

The dual configuration allows the robot arm to perform more complex tasks while notably increasing productivity, simply by being able to handle more objects at a time. It also enables the user to adapt configuration to the application, rather than requiring changes to application to accommodate automation.


No External Cables

Free movement and allows full integration with UR3 infinite loop. No application time needed for cable dressing & handling.

Adjustable Force and Stroke

Gripping force from 3N to 40N for RG2 Dual Gripper, and 25N to 120N for the RG6 Dual gripper.

Gripping stroke from 0mm to 110mm for the RG2 Dual Gripper, and 0mm to 160mm for the RG6 Dual gripper.

Absolute width read out in mm

The gripper automatically detects the width at the start of the program, without initialization.

Grip indications

Automatic ‘Lost grip detection’, ‘grip detected’, ‘continuous grip’ and ‘measure_width’ detections eliminate the need to manually program these features.

Automatic Depth Compensation

Gripper integrated with arm motion to assure gripper fingers sweep in parallel across work surface. Dramatically simplifies programming and avoids time extensive workarounds.

Automatic Payload Calculation

Simplifies programming and complies with standards.

Automatic Tool Center Point (TCP) Calculation

Simplifies programming and avoids time extensive workarounds. Robot arm movements are more accurate.

Multi-Position Mounting Bracket

Mount gripper in arbitrary orientation. Enables user to adapt configuration to application, rather than requiring changes to applications.

Customizable Fingertips

Quick finger change. Better grip and higher payload.

RG6 Data Sheet

Retrofitting CNC machines with RG2 Dual Gripper:

  • Increased Productivity
  • Significantly decreased cycle times with the dual gripper solution
  • Allows production to continue after hours

The Dual RG2 is used at Grenaa Spaantagning’s high mix low volume production to make better use of the work center, increase the productivity on the CNC and milling machines, and save time on each production cycle.

OnRobot collaborative grippers pack delicate herbs at Rosborg Greenhouse.