The Asyfill smart hopper from Asyril is a game-changer in part feeding. Designed for flexibility, it combines the Asycube feeder, EYE+ smart control system, and Asyfill for high-performance feeding. It’s easy to integrate, with parameters set at the recipe level in EYE+ Studio or Asycube Studio, eliminating manual adjustments.

Thanks to an integrated smart sensor that uses a microelectromechanical (MEMS) vibration system control, Asyfill regulates the number of parts delivered to the Asycube flexible feeder. The power of the amplitude is constantly adapted to guarantee an optimum number of parts on the feeder, regardless of the quantity of parts in the hopper.

Choose from five Asyfill smart hopper sizes (1 to 14 liters) and adapt to your needs. Calibration is easy with the integrated smart sensor. For Asycube 380 or 530 flexible feeders, a modular fixation kit ensures ideal installation height for Asyfill M or L.