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Asyril Asycube with SmartSight

Asycube Flexible Feeding Solutions with SmartSight – Intelligent Visual part detection system

Asyril Asycube is a high-performance robotic part feeding systems for components from <0.1 up to 150mm in size. All Asycube products are based on a unique patented 3-Axis Vibration Technology which is compatible with 99% of all part geometries and materials and allows for extremely gentle part feeding.

Asyril’s standardized feeding systems allow for minimal production changeover times, are extremely reliable, all while being highly compact thus saving valuable factory floor space.  The systems are typically used together with an industrial vision system ‘SmartSight’ and an industrial robot, enabling a never before achieved level of flexibility for the digital factory of the future.

Asyril’s intelligent vision system ‘SmartSight’ and their innovative 3-Axis Vibration Technology are easy to integrate and allow for optimized speed accuracy and flexibility. Asyril’s flexible feeding solutions are a demonstration of Asyril’s expertise and extensive know how as they encompass all three sub-domains of modern part feeding systems: vibration technology, industrial vision, and precision robotics.


Vision – SmartSight

  • Fast integration
  • Quick setup and reduced development times
  • Attractive, highly competitive system costs
  • Software based on market standard
  • Intuitive teaching and configuration with Asyril’s control software
  • Compatible with any Asycube vibrating platform
  • Simple integration with 3rd Party Automation Systems
  • Simultaneous feeding of 2 different parts,mixed on the platform, using 1 or 2 hoppers

Asycube Series- 3-Axis Vibration Robotic Parts Feeder

  • Compatible with all part geometries
  • Minimum production changeover times
  • Extremely gentle part handling
  • Advanced reliability and durability
  • Precise part detection
  • Systematic part orientation
  • Easy configuration
  • Simple system integration
  • Simple Communication
  • Preconfigured fieldbus gateway/hardware adapter available for:

  • Part Separation
Asyril Datasheet SmartSight - Asycube