Asyril’s award-winning Asycube feeding system offers high performance part feeding, pre-orientation and optimal surface distribution of bulk parts and components.  The innovative 3-axis vibration technology can handle bulk parts of any geometry and results in better cycle times and optimal efficiency of the machine even on structured, slotted or perforated platforms. Asycubes are used when parts are delivered in bulk and must be presented one by one to the robot.

The Asycube Feeders are compatible with all robots and PLCs thanks to its TCP/IP and Modbus TCP compatible communication. Various plugins are available and using Asyril’s Eye+ intelligent control system is recommended to simplify the integration and optimize the performance of the Asycube. The range of Asycube feeders consists of four models capable of feeding components of any shapes, materials and sizes from 0.1mm up to 150mm.