New Product Announcement – Asyril Eye+ Smart Control System

Asyrill SA have just launched the Asyril Eye+, a product that has the capacity to revolutionize automatic part feeding making it more accessible than ever before. The new Eye+ is a plug and play system offering both ease of use and flexibility consistent with the Asyril range of products. The Eye+ smart control system is made up of a compact controller, a high-resolution camera and a calibration plate, designed to integrate easily with any size Asycube and any industrial robot.

The Eye+, the intelligence between the Asycube and the robot, is an intuitive web-based interface through which the user has the ability, to control the hopper, Asycube, camera and robot.  The performance of the Asycube is optimized with the use of artificial intelligence-based vision through a powerful controller.

The new Eye+ system requires no prior knowledge of machine vision. The user-friendly interface offers step-by-step instructions and explanations giving you a complete system with calibrated robot and vision setup within minutes. Parts can be programmed with ease and new recipes can be learnt in a fraction of the time compared to conventional models.

The new Eye+ Smart Control System is now available to purchase from , exclusive partner to Asyril SA in Ireland.

About Asyril SA

Asyril SA, experts in flexible feeding systems

Asyril develops, produces and markets high performance flexible feeding systems for parts and components from 0.1 up to 150 mm in size. Their unique patented 3-axis vibration technology and intelligent vision system are easy to integrate and allow for optimized speed, accuracy and flexibility.

Asyril’s key competencies and extensive know-how encompass all three sub-domains of modern part feeding systems: vibration technology, industrial vision and precision robotics.

The Asyril Asycube Series is compatible with all kinds of parts, and can perfectly handle complex geometries as well as highly delicate parts.

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