New Improved Robotiq HAND-E Gripper

You can now get the new improved Hand-E gripper with increased payload and better warranty here at Robotiq have kept the form factor of this popular gripper and have improved the internal components.

The Hand-E gripper built for collaborative robots  comes with a high degree of accuracy and 50 mm parallel stroke making it the ideal gripper choice for precision assembly tasks. It offers seamless integration  with the Robotiq wrist camera and Force Torque sensor and it can be installed in a matter of minutes with the Plug & Play gripper kit. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to program.  Its unique and sealed design make it a good choice for harsh manufacturing conditions including CNC machining as well as making it easy to manipulate during trajectory teaching. It comes with an IP 67 rating.

Why not increase productivity with a dual configuration which lets you handle more objects at a time and will keep your CNC machine fed even when there is no operator present. With its new 4.7 kg payload  a dual set up makes the most of the cobots full capacity, increases efficiency levels and reduces cycle times.

The Hand-E’s increased force means it can handle an even wider variety of part sizes and weights with the force being controlled with robot software. The new Hand-E gripper can reliably handle everything from delicate parts to heavy objects.

What’s New?

  • Stronger – Was 135 N, now 185 N
  • Higher Capacity – Was 3 kg friction payload, now 4.7 kg
  • Better Warranty – Was 2 -million cycle warranty, now 5 million

Should you wish to discuss the Hand-E gripper capabilities in more detail, please don’t hesitate to call the team at on 021 4633112

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