mobile industrial robots
 mobile industrial robots
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MiR – Mobile Industrial Robots

MiR brand

Maximise the efficiency of your logistics operations with robots from MiR. The internal transportation and material handling plays a fundamental part in logistics success. The autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) from MiR can smoothly optimise these workflows.

MiR are dedicated to developing a user-friendly, flexible, and safe robot that can help companies increase their efficiency of operations. The autonomous robots are a new generation of advanced mobile robots which can give a quick return on investment. These distinctive, collaborative robots are used by manufactures in a vast variety of industries to automate their in-house transportation.

 mobile industrial robots

MiR offer the widest range of AMRs in the market to support any internal transportation tasks, from moving smaller parts to heavy duty loads and pallets. MiR provide flexible, scalable AMRs that can be used in almost any industry and for a wide range of workflows. They tend to be less expensive and typically easier to deploy that traditional automation.

Mobile robots take over repetitive, hard-to-staff, and unergonomic tasks, and run dependably around the clock, that frees up workers to perform higher-valued activities. MiR also offer alongside their AMRs access to their unique software capabilities and fleet management software that enables its customers to efficiently control the AMRs and to maximise output for their logistics operations.

MiR can optimise internal logistics in countless industries including:

  • Automotive

  • Fast moving consumer goods
  • Logistics
  • Life sciences
  • Electronics
  • Healthcare
  • OEM

Every industry faces unique challenges, but across all types of sectors AMRs can add value to make your business work more efficiently, smarter, and safter then ever before. Alongside their MiR robots, they also offer a wide range of add-ons for its robots, as well as extra services to make the integration for your logistics solution as easy as possible.

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