Universal Robots, founded in 2005, was one of the first companies to deliver commercially viable collaborative robots (Cobots).  Since the launch of their very first cobot, they have sold more than 50,000 cobots globally. The UR mission is to empower change in the way work is done by using leading-edge robotic arms to automate and streamline repetitive industrial processes. The Danish automation company is dedicated to making automation accessible to all companies regardless of their size by offering flexible cost-effective and safe solutions.

Since the release of their very first cobot, they have developed a complete range of cobots including the UR3e, UR5e, UR10e, UR16e, and the newest addition the UR20. Each of these models is compatible with a variety of end-effectors, software, accessories, and application kits that make up the UR+ eco system.  For the design of their latest model, Universal Robots  have built on the learnings gained from their established customer base.

Introducing the new UR20

In June 2022, they released their new high performance UR20, UR’s next generation cobot that has been reimagined, redesigned, and rebuilt from the ground up. This has been engineered for increased payloads of up to 20kg with faster speeds and superior motion control. It also has an increased reach of 1750mm enabling the further escalation of collaborative automation and its use in demanding heavy-duty applications, such as palletizing and machine loading.

Why the UR20?

UR realised there was a gap in their product portfolio that required a cobot with a higher payload to alleviate employees from heavy lifting.  The new UR20 not only addresses this issue but also embraces the UR hallmarks of versatility, usability, and small footprints. The technology has been updated and the use of node-based programs provide a visual representation of each step of an operation making it simple to understand and optimize.


UR20 Universal Robots

The new joint design is what drives the UR20 performance

The UR20 from Universal Robots has been redesigned from the ground up. This includes the joints that make it so flexible and versatile even for its footprint. The new and improved joint architecture has brought improvements for up to 65% more speed and 25% more torque within a closed capsule.

The base and shoulder joints have a maximum speed of 120˚/s, while the elbow can move up to 150˚/s. The three wrist joints allow for movement of up to ± 210˚/s. All these new features have been added to the joints to improve cycle times. In addition, a wider tool flange for the corresponding array of end effectors contributes to higher productivity levels.

Universal Robots UR20 has multiple application uses 

Packaging and Palletizing

Where picking, packaging, and palletizing heavy materials is required, the UR20 can help industries gain higher productivity and efficiencies. The UR20 enables reach for standard EURO pallets, and stacking of up to 2m in height.

Machine tending

The UR20 offers flexible processing for a diverse range of parts such as cutting, punching, drilling, and machining. As it is mountable in any position, it can easily move around objects such as machine tending doors.

Part handling and assembly

Greater payload allows heavier workpiece handling, as well as the option to configure two or more end effectors for even better cycle times. Manufacturing and assembly of large equipment such as diesel engines, driveline, transmission and battery assemblies often require human robot collaboration.


In applications where reaching for long seams of parts and components is typically required, the small footprint of the UR20 enables multiple robots be used in the same production cell. New joint architecture improves motion consistency while the larger 1750mm reach geometry increases your work zone.

Be ready for the future by building, changing, saving, and uploading programs with ease no matter the task at hand. You will be able to optimize without the need for downtime, achieved by analysing and enhancing programs as they run. Just like the e-Series, the UR20 will be certified to both EN ISO 13849-1, Cat. 3 PLd and ISO 10218-1 by TÜV Nord.


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