manufacturing in covid-19

Manufacturing in Covid-19

As manufacturing companies globally are struggling to come to terms with recent health and safety measures and guidelines imposed upon them in the Covid-19 era, automation can play an important role in dealing with this ‘new normal’. Staggered work shifts, partial layoffs, strict hygiene measures and recalibrated workspaces are just some of the ground realities manufacturers have had to face operating in this global pandemic as they strive to safeguard their business and their workforce. Adapting to a new way of doing business is key if business owners are to continue to thrive and come out the other side of this current crisis.

Mandatory guidelines include employee temperature testing, social distancing measures and limiting the number of employees on the workshop floor which themselves can create significant challenges for manufacturers to overcome. Cobots are a cost-effective and flexible way to overcome these barriers.

Collaboration is Key

Cobots are collaborative robots meaning they are designed to work alongside human beings in a shared workspace in a diverse range of manufacturing applications. Unlike traditional robots, collaborative robots take away the environmental and spatial dangers other robots may cause and can work effectively in small spaces. Protecting their workforce without experiencing a significant loss in terms of efficiency due to current restrictions is a priority for manufacturers. Cobots gives manufacturers the ability to minimise social contact whilst mitigating any potential impact to productivity levels.

Flexibility During Uncertain Times

Cobots are easily deployed, easy to use and programme and are the ideal solution to this new Covid-19 working model. These uncertain times may mean you need to repurpose your assembly line due to urgent requirements. As easy as Cobots are to deploy they can be just as easy to reprogram and redeploy to another application as the need arises. This flexibility in terms of redeployment offers manufacturers the ability to maintain production output in a changing manufacturing landscape.

There is no doubt that Covid-19 has shaken the world of manufacturing as the effects of it continue to ripple through the global economy and will continue to do so for some time to come. Universal Robots, leading manufacturing of the Cobot, give manufacturers the ability to adapt and overcome the tidal wave of this pandemic. The cost effectiveness, flexibility, and competitiveness of Cobots are unrivalled globally and with the need to improve manufacturing efficiencies now more important than ever, the Universal Robot plays an essential role for manufacturing companies in these challenging times.

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