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Kick Start Your Business – Free Cobot Leasing Until 2021

The negative impact of the global pandemic has been felt across every industry and sector as companies need to pivot their production and deal with labour shortages in the wake of Covid-19. Many companies have been forced to re-evaluate the way they do business in adherence to social distancing guidelines and health and safety measures.

In order to assist you to kick start your business again in conjunction with our partner Universal Robots have launched a new series of webinars for SME Automation Month as well as free Cobot leasing until 2021. Together with Universal Robots we are dedicating the month of October  to showing you how to boost productivity levels with a focus on recovery and the importance of building resilience for the future. Our new leasing terms are specifically tailored to SME’s who have big concerns about staying productive and agile. We will show you how automation and in particular collaborative robots can help you in not only bouncing back from Covid but optimize your business for the future.

We can assist you by offering free assessments and demonstrations of our cobots at your workplace, by video or at our offices here in Cork. With our new leasing option it gives you the option to buy now and pay later giving you a chance get your business and productivity levels back on track.

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