Feature from ‘Cobots in Action’ – End of Line Solution

Our featured ‘Cobots in Action’ video for this week is an End of Line, Pick, Place and Packaging Solution

This is a project one of our integrators ITS (using Cobots.ie Cobots and End of Arm Tooling) delivered to our customer.
A complete solution for packaging and fulfilment, using three UR10s, conveyors, be-spoke tooling and pure innovation.
Firstly a UR10, is used to turn flat pack boxes into formed boxes and is then placed at the end of a conveyor for filling. Then another UR10, with an end-of-arm tool, designed and made in-house,  lifts and places the product in the box. This end-of-arm tool can pick five boxes of product at one time. This process of lifting and placing is repeated seven times until the box is full and is finished by placing a top board.  The same UR 10 closes the box and using guiding rollers pushes it through where it’s taped up and is ready for dispatching.
All the framework and mechanisms were  designed and created by ITS, our valued integrators.

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