Using Collaborative Robots in Electronics & Technology

In today’s rapidly evolving tech industry, embrace automation for your new tasks. By adopting a cobot you can keep pace with the dynamic nature of the industry and ensure your processes are up-to-date.

From design and application to installation, manufacturing, operation, and maintenance, the tech industry demands swift adaptation to ever-changing conditions. Universal Robots’ lightweight and space-saving robot arms allow easy redeployment to multiple applications without the need to alter your production layout in the electronics and technology sectors.

Improve precision and cost-effectiveness with the integration of collaborative robots into your production processes. These versatile robots can effectively modulate, mount, and fasten elements on PCBs with an impressive accuracy of 0.1mm (0.004 in). Thanks to their fast and flexible deployment, adapting production lines to new products is now a seamless process with Universal Robots (UR).

Not only do Universal Robots’ robot arms improve precision, but they also contribute to employee safety by performing complex tasks in close proximity to sensitive machinery. By eliminating human interaction and contamination, these robots efficiently move products through your production line, reducing the risk of workplace injuries.

Equipped with advanced sensors and vision systems, Universal Robots ensure consistent product quality throughout the manufacturing process, thereby minimizing defects and maximizing customer satisfaction. As your business grows, collaborative robots seamlessly integrate into various stages of production, efficiently adapting to higher volumes and broader product ranges.

Cost Savings

The return on investment for integrating a collaborative robot arm can be achieved in a remarkably short time, sometimes within a year. With affordable options available, robotic automation is now accessible to small and medium-sized enterprises in the electronics and technology industries, encompassing applications in lighting, mobile phones, computers, input devices, audio/visual equipment, and more.

Our Customers

We have completed automation projects with electronics companies such as Honeywell and Apple.

If you wish to learn more about the projects we have completed in this industry sector please contact us.

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