The Universal Robot’s popularity in the robotic marketplace is indisputable.  It is flexible, cost-effective and easy to program. Cobots excel because they can be deployed in areas of work previously occupied by their human counterparts. With built-in features like force feedback and collision detection, they are designed to work exceptionally well next to human operators.

Universal Robots are used in a wide variety of applications. Some of the most commonly used applications using universal robots include:

Pick & Place

One of the most repetitive tasks performed by human operators is manual pick and place. The mundaneness of the task can often lead to mistakes, with repetitive strain injuries more likely due to the repeated physical motions an operator must undertake. The compact design, ease of use and the fact that safety guarding is not necessary with the Universal Robot make it the ideal solution in these types of applications.

Packaging and Palletizing

Automating your packaging and palletizing operation offers a simpler, faster and more efficient process.  Using collaborative robotic arms in your end of line processes relieves workers from repetitive work and heavy lifting. Ideal for small-volume productions as well as highly repetitive tasks, the intuitive easy to program interface makes the UR robot arm the perfect choice

Machine Tending

Another ideal job for the Universal Robot is the task of machine tending to CNC machines, injection moulding machines or other similar devices. This type of task would normally require a person to stand for long hours tending to a machine’s operational needs. This could involve tool changes or replacement of raw materials. A huge benefit in deploying a Universal Robot to machine tending is that a single cobot can also tend to multiple machines leading to increased productivity.

Process Tasks

Process tasks, whether it be welding, gluing or dispensing requires a UR with a tool attached to go down a fixed path repeatedly while the tool interacts with the workpiece. Each of these tasks takes a significant amount of time to train up a new employee to be able to control the numerous variables required to attain an excellent finish. The UR can be easily programmed to meet the demands of the required task and the programme can then be copied to other cobots. It solves the problem of having a worker performing precise and repetitive movements.


When Universal Robots are paired with adaptive grippers a vast array of assembly motions and operations can be combined to create the necessary assembly tasks.  If the assembly robot comes into contact with a person, the built in force torque limits the force at contact and stops robot action immediately . UR robots can also be programmed to operate in reduced mode when a human enters the robot’s work area and resume full speed when the person leaves.

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