75 cobots.ie exhibiting march tech talk

Cobots.ie Exhibiting at Cork IT’s March Tech Talk: Grand Challenges for LifeScience and Healthcare

Cobots.ie is delighted to be taking a Stand at Cork’s Insititute of Technology March Tech Talk, entitled “Grand Challenges for LifeScience and Healthcare”: exploring opportunities for the IT industry The Tech Talk takes place on 05 March in the Kingsley Hotel Cork. A synopsis of the Talk: Good health is precious- the way we maintain and manage health today is changing rapidly. A major driver of this changing landscape is consumerisation and digitization of healthcare – Patient empowerment, data ownership and sharing, AI, genetics, machine learning, improved processes, sensors and connected health are rapidly changing how we develop healthcare solutions and the way we deliver them. IT plays a critical role in driving this change. This IT@Cork session brings together speakers from all aspects of the healthtech sector to discuss and explore current and future opportunities. The event will focus on People, Process, Technology, and Data in the health ecosystem People: Who are the stakeholders and what do they care about? Process: Identifying opportunities for process improvement Technology: Existing and Emerging technologies – what are the big innovations in healthcare. Examples: AI, Cloud, IoT, Blockchain. Data: Quality, integration, governance and ethics, education.