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Cobots.ie Becomes a Distributor for MiR in Ireland

Cobots.ie, a leading distributor of collaborative robotic solutions, today announced its new partnership with Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) This new cooperation sees Cobots.ie become sole distributor for MiR in Ireland. This new collaboration will enhance Cobots.ie long-term growth strategy and will strengthen the deployment of advanced robotic solutions in Ireland. MiR is a leading global supplier of autonomous mobile robots (AMR’s) in a growing international robotics market. MiR’s fleet of flexible and safe AMR’s are a proven solution for companies looking to optimize their production and increase their competitiveness.

Increase in Demand for Flexible Automation

Cobots.ie is experiencing an increasing demand for flexible automation solutions. Owing to their strong position in the Irish market, Cobots.ie are well placed to become the leading distributor for MiR. “With the addition of the MiR range to our portfolio, we not only offer the possibility of task-oriented automation but also the option of automating internal logistics,” said Dan Buckley, CEO, Cobots.ie.

Flexible & Easy to Use Solutions Offering a Fast ROI

“MIR represents everything we look for in a partner, a global leader in terms of innovation and product development. Companies can be guaranteed they are investing in quality products. Furthermore MiR AMR’s offer the flexibility required to adapt to an evolving industrial landscape,” Buckley added. The MiR range of products with its impressive handling capabilities and intuitive interface manage internal logistics easily and cost effectively. In addition, the payback period is often less than a year! “Often, the main block for companies when it comes to automation adoption is where to start the automation journey. Demonstrating our range of collaborative robotic solutions to potential customers, they are often surprised at the flexibility. The MIR range offers the same level of flexibility and ease of use as the other collaborative solutions we offer. Therefore we look forward to a very successful partnership ,” says Martin Buckley, CTO, Cobots.ie.

MiR AMR’s Leading the Way in Logistics

Cobots.ie will offer the entire fleet of MiR’s flexible range of AMR’s which are leading the way in terms of how businesses move goods within their facilities. Both the MiR1000 and MiR500 are both designed to automate the transportation of heavy loads and pallets. The MiR100, MiR200 and MiR250 are more suitable for the transportation of lighter goods. The MiR250 is the latest addition to the MiR family. Even more agile than its predecessors, it is the most adaptable to challenging environments particularly where space is restricted.

Customized top modules from the MiRGo range such as bins, racks, lifts, conveyors and even a collaborative robot arm are also available. “We are excited to partner with Cobots.ie to bring MiR solutions to more customers in Ireland. Cobots.ie is a leading collaborative automation solutions provider that offers a product range where MiR’s collaborative and autonomous mobile robots are a good fit and will add value,”  says Jakob Møhl Bebe, Sales Director Scandinavia, UK & Ireland, MiR.


About Cobots.ie

Cobots.ie was formed in 2018 for the sale of collaborative robots and accessories in Ireland. As the leading and longest established distributor in Ireland for Cobots, they have many years experience in robot integrations, automation and fixtures. The award winning core team have their roots in mechanical design & build engineering and were the first in Ireland to put one of the world’s leading Cobots, URe-Series by Universal Robots into action. They provide turnkey solutions and will assist you through the whole process from initial query, to design, engineering, delivery, installation and after sales support. Cobots.ie is located in Midleton, Co. Cork but the sales team travel the country providing onsite demonstrations and free site audits.