92 blogging about cobots

Blogging about Cobots

We are chuffed with this little piece, written by our colleague Natalie, who helped us project manage the build of Cobots.ie and the implementation of our new XRM system.

Here is the Blog:

Who Knew Collaborative Robots meant Cobots?

Well that was me back in October 2018 – when a dynamic automation and robotics business called Cobots.ie contacted me to work with them on launching the company and creating a website to match this cutting edge company.

I work alot with optimising business software for my clients and, part of that, especially in the last couple of years, has been working along with AI and Chat Bots (especially for CRM and ERP optimisation) so, you would have thought that I had at least a small clue into what Cobots were… but no, I was clueless!

Jump forward 3 months… man do I know about Cobots! Collaborative Robots are, as promised by their creators, a way of man and robot working together, side by side, not one replacing the other, not one in fear of the other, just both working harmoniously together, knowing what each does best.

Working with the team at Cobots.ie and helping to create the new website, collaborating with the best Ireland has in web design (John Rooney Design), web development (Lettertec) and animation (Ian Halpin Animation) has been, by far, the most rewarding and interesting project I’ve worked on in a very long time.

We have optimised the website to synchronise instantaneously with CRM, minimising time consuming data and double entries and enabling the Sales team to evaluate leads immediately, create opportunities and tasks to make the whole sales process user friendly and target driven.

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