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3 automation trends transforming packaging operations by Packaging and Digest Magazine

Great new article entitled ‘3 automation trends transforming packaging operations’ by Lisa Pierce in Automation written on February 12, 2019, Packaging and Digest Magazine.  As the leading distributor in Ireland for Cobots, the feature includes 2 of’s most valued cobot products, UR+ by Universal Robots and On Robot’s VG10 Vacuum Gripper, so, we had to share this interesting blog with you:

New automation technologies that help simplify your packaging operation can save installation time, cut costs and minimise floorspace. Here are three automation trends we saw in action at the recent WestPack show.

1. Self-contained devices are easy to install and use.
Have you noticed electrical cabinets getting smaller? That’s because many devices that used to have centralized power or used to connect to other components are now more self-contained, with integrated features.

Here are three examples I saw at the show:

1: The Bosch Rexroth XDK sensor—called the Swiss Army Knife of sensors—is eight sensors in one box. The cabinet-free programmable device can be: (1) accelero-meter; (2) gyroscope; (3) magneto-meter; (4) humidity sensor; (5) pressure sensor; (6) temperature sensor; (7) acoustic sensor; and (8) digital light sensor. Bluetooth LE and Wi-Fi enable communication for Internet of Things.

2: OnRobot’s VG10 vacuum gripper has a built-in pump so there are no hoses to work around. And, as part of the UR+ program, the plug-and-play end-of-arm-tool connects easily to cobots from Universal Robots. The interface is immediate and with no programming. The position of the suction-cup arms can be adjusted by hand yet stay securely in place during operation.

3: The concept of decentralized “power” extends to full packaging machines, too. For example, PDC Intl. is developing a steam tunnel for full-body shrink sleeve labels that has integrated boilers. So even if your facility doesn’t have a boiler, steam for shrinking labels onto containers is still an option you can consider.

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